Gas Turbine Diverter Aftermarket Parts & Service

Senior Flexonics Pathway has over 50 years of combined experience providing gas turbine diverters and expansion joints.  With this experience we have also developed a line of products designed to retrofit existing diverters with updated technology.  These modular components have been designed to allow for quick field installation, minimizing down time, and bringing aging equipment back to like new performance.  Please contact us to discuss what options might be available for your existing equipment.

Diverter Seals

SF Pathway can retrofit your existing diverter with new, multi-layer, flexible metal seals to increase your boilers efficiency.

Diverter Bearings

Specifically designed for diverter service, This bearing is maintenance free, and can support high, slow moving, radial loads typical of diverter operation.

These bearings can easily be added to an existing diverter to increase reliability with a decrease in future required maintenance.

Diverter Packing Assemblies

SF Pathway has designed a specialty shaft seal assembly that departs from the standard graphite rope, compression style packing.

These high precision, stainless steel labyrinth seals reduce the chance of over compression and binding, common to rope style packing, and are easily replaceable from outside the duct.

Diverter Actuators

SF Pathway can help design and replace your aging hydraulic or electric diverter drive systems with updated systems, helping to increase reliability.

Systems can be custom designed based on user control preferences, while using our vast knowledge in diverter hydraulic systems to ensure you get the best performance from your existing diverters.

Blade Replacement/Refurbishment

As years go by, diverter blade materials undergo thermal deterioration, often leading to cracking and failure.

SF Pathway can help repair and replace your existing diverter blades in place, allowing users to extend the life of their existing equipment without the need for costly replacement.

Technical Field Service

SF Pathway has technical on-site services with exceptional experience in diverter installation, commissioning, repairs, retrofits.

We can also provide installations, supervision, inspections and other services for all of our product groups.