Our catalogs provide great information about specific topics, they can be a great resource when researching a solution for your application.

Metal Bellows

This catalog contains excellent technical references to help you understand how expansion joints work, how to apply them, and how to select the expansion joint best suited for your application.

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The SFP Dampers catalog is a resource that will give better understanding how Dampers work, how to apply them, and how to select the damper best suited for your application, along with accessories.

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Fab Exp. Joints

The SFP Fabric Catalog has detailed information on the parts of a Fabric Expansion Joint, their function, movement capabilities, design considerations for applications.

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The SFP Nuclear catalog has a helpful overview of products and services that SF Pathway provides in Nuclear applications, including QC Qualifications and different types of braided hose.

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This catalog contains product performance data, recommended practices and physical descriptions for each of our light industrial and HVAC expansion joint and pipe guide products.

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On Site Services

This catalog contains an overview of the services provided by our On Site Services Team, including: Surveys/Inspections, Clamshell repairs, Installations, On Site Refurbishments and Pipe Stress Analysis.

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