• Manufacturing Floor Area: 200,000 sq. feet
  • Bridge Crane Capacity: 50 ton
  • All welding processes. Expertise in special alloys
  • Bellows forming up to 20 feet
  • In house Burning, Blasting, Painting, Heat treat and Xray


Our team of engineers and skilled personnel is the most renowned worldwide, with over 500 years of combined technical expertise and product development. Senior Flexonics Pathway is a company you can trust to deliver the best engineered solution for your piping and ducting systems.

We offer the widest range of dimensions and performance capabilities for expansion joints and damper products in the world today.

Pathway’s people are the decisive performance difference. Our design staff applies job site experience, knowledge of pipe stress analysis, superior design tools, technology, software and insight from resident experts, to develop the most reliable product designs available.

Welding Qualifications:

Weld procedures and welders are qualified to ASME Section IX: Sub ARC, Pulse ARC, TIG, MIG, Core Wire, Resistance welding, and Electroslag welding.

Through its legacy, Senior Flexonics Pathway possesses weld procedures and qualifications for most relevant, combination of alloys and weld material used in the industry.

Welding capabilities include Tube Welding, Track Welding, Large Turn Tables, Rolls, and Positioners.

Test Programs & Design Verification Tests:

  • Hydro and pneumatic tests of final product
  • Ambient Temperature Bellows Fatigue Testing
  • Elevated Temperature Bellows Fatigue Testing
  • Seismic Analysis of Fabricated Components
  • Vibration Analysis of Fabricated Components
  • Shock Loading Performance Testing
  • Bellows Spring Rate Testing
  • Expansion Joint Deflection Testing
  • Bellows Torsion Testing
  • Burst Testing