Environmental Policy

The Senior Flexonics Pathway team recognizes it has a responsibility to protect the environment within which we live and work and we are committed to managing our processes and environmental aspects in a manner that improves upon the impact they have on the environment.

We are aware that business activities have an impact on the environment and therefore we have a responsibility to manage these impacts. The Senior Flexonics Pathway management team has committed to establish, maintain and review an Environmental Management System to ensure:

  • Potential environmental impacts, such as pollution, are identified and minimized or eliminated as appropriate
  • Natural resource usage is monitored and, where particle, efforts are made to reduce usage
  • Appropriate resources are available to manage, monitor and improve the Environmental Management System
  • Compliance obligations are meet including regulatory, corporate and contractual
  • Improvement activities are monitored and ongoing

Senior Flexonics Pathway has an Environmental Management System, which applies to the Design, Manufacture, Installation and Repair of Metal, and Fabric Piping systems. In which we specialize in Expansion Joints and Industrial Dampers.

The intent of this Environmental Management System is to identify, monitor and make improvements, as practical, to our impact on the environment. As well as to stay compliant with regulatory requirements.

We recognize this is in the best interest of our employees, communities, customers as well as our shareholders.