Diverter Dampers

  • Thermally compensating components
  • Multiple sealing options for both flow control and isolation
  • Many different actuator options to fit customer’s operating requirements
  • Applications were process needs to be directed to one of two outlets, with the other outlet being isolated.
  • Applications were flow modulation is required
Operating Range
  • 0-5 psig depending on size
  • -100 to 1800F
  • Sizes from 12” to >40’
  • Multiple outlet configurations
  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Nickel Alloys
Diverter Damper Fit:
  • Attached or linked to piping/duct flanges or directly to duct
  • Flanged connections may be alignment bolted and seal welded into the duct, or provided with bolt and gasket type connections.
  • Multiple outlet configurations
Diverter Damper Form:
  • Located where process media needs to diverted from one outlet or another
  • Either louver type or single flap
Diverter Damper Function:
  • Flow diversion/control/modulation
  • Process isolation (100% with seal air system)