Here you can find the videos from previous webinars and other videos for viewing.

Webinar 12: Bellows Fundamentals 4 – Maintenance and Outage Planning

When your plant has a scheduled outage, determining scope and minimizing unplanned additions to the scope and duration, are critical. Plant cool down and heat up post outage, are often when unplanned issues arise. Expansion joints are a dynamic part of the plant state change, often one of those issues.

Join Dan Edgar, P.E., as he shares details about getting ready for a turnaround.

Useful information including performing hot and cold inspections, tracking hardware load, welded cones, and your options if you encounter a problem will be

Webinar 11: Bellows Fundamentals 3 – Unrestrained Expansion Joints

The most basic and economical expansion joint is the Unrestrained Expansion Joint.

This video introduces this type of joint and how to properly apply it.

Webinar 10: Bellows Fundamentals 2 – Types of Expansion Joints

There are many types of expansion joints and some are better suited to a particular need than others.

In this video, Dan Edgar, P.E., takes an in depth look at the types, and their applications.

Webinar 9: Bellows Fundamentals 1 – Introduction & Pressure Thrust

Join Dan Edgar, P.E. as he kicks off our Bellows Fundamentals series with an introductory look at Metal Bellows, covering movements and nomenclature.

Dan finishes with a look at Pressure Thrust, one of the most important concepts to understand when designing a piping system.

Webinar 8: Deciphering a Bellows Design Analysis (BDA)

All industries use their own lingo and we are no exception, understanding the terminology and nuances can be challenging.

This webinar explains in layman’s terms the technical portion of our quotations.
It overviews the effects on the system of expansion joints including; pressure thrust, spring forces and the various stresses which govern industry best practices.

Whether you are a first timer or a seasoned pro there is something in this webinar for you.

Webinar 7: Positive Impact of Innovations in Louver Design

Join us as we go into detail about the makeup of these units, their function in a plant and what you need to know for their maintenance and reliable performance.

Webinar 6: Results of an 18 Year Case Study on an FGD Expansion Joint

It’s not often that we have gotten the opportunity to analyze a fabric expansion joint that has been in service for 18 Years. What did we learn from testing fabric that had been in service for so long a coal fired power plant? Join us as we look at the results, with the help of Saint-Gobain.

Webinar 5: Guillotine Dampers Design Innovations

The technology of guillotine dampers has advanced in recent years and this webinar reviews current state of the art; rack and pinion drive systems, the Flex-Seat seal configurations and the advantages of enclosed bonnets.

Webinar 4: Six Most Common Bellow Failure Modes & Remedies

The most common failure modes of bellows and what you can do to add years to the life of your expansion joints is covered in this webcast. Some of the fixes can be implemented immediately while others can be incorporated into either a future refurbishment or replacement.

We will also cover design and manufacturing deficiencies and what should be rejected to avoid premature failure. This webinar is a must see for anyone involved with specifying, procuring or inspecting metal expansion joints.

Webinar 3: Diverter Features/Benefits/Maintenance

Diverter Dampers have a very specialized function. Our expert will go into detail about the function of a diverter damper and their features and benefits. As these units function in extreme conditions, suggested maintenance for the diverter damper will also be covered.

Webinar 2: Steam Turbine Crossover Refurbishment

Crossovers are a key component, we will be discussing the steps for refurbishing a crossover and extending the useful life of the part.

Webinar 1: Do it Yourself 2 Ply Bellows Testing

Follow along with our expert as he explains how to perform a 2 ply bellows test and what you need to perform the test.