Senior Flexonics Pathway is recognized as the leader in the metal expansion joint industry. Applying the same expertise, innovation and quality we’re known for in heavy industry, Senior Flexonics Pathway manufactures a full complement of flexible solutions for HVAC (Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning) piping and ducting applications.

We can supply standard products listed below, as well as an engineered design for your specific needs.

Mid-Corr Expansion Joints

Mid-Corr expansion joints employ a standardized bellows design ideally suited for general industrial applications. Offered with flanges or butt weld ends from 2” to 24” nominal diameter for design pressures to 300 psig at 800° F.

High Corr Bellows

High-Corr bellows are hydraulically formed to produce superior fatigue life and maximum strength for severe service applications. This product provides an excellent means of absorbing large pipe motions (up to 7 1/2”). High-corr bellows are available in two styles: Free- Flexing and Controlled-Flexing.

Free-Flexing Expansion Joints

Free-flexing expansion joints are widely used in process and steam piping applications to 50 psig. In addition, the Free-Flexing expansion joint is recommended for compressor connections, engine intake and exhaust piping, ventilation and pump suction or discharge lines.

Controlled-Flexing Expansion Joints

Controlled-Flexing expansion joints combine the Free-Flexing bellows design with mated neck rings and control rings between each convolution. This rugged construction reinforces the bellows for higher pressure applications. With an external cover this expansion joint provides a high degree of safety for the most severe operating conditions.

Externally Pressurized Expansion Joints

Externally Pressurized expansion joints have a heavy duty packless design that enables this product to accommodate large amounts of axial motion at high pressure without the risk of bellows squirm. Limited to axial movement only, the bellows is fully enclosed within an outer shell which is constructed of standard weight pipe, offering the highest degree of protection for the bellows and personnel. External insulation may be added directly over the outer case and/or direct buried.

Expansion Compensators

Expansion Compensators provide the inherent performance benefits and safety features of the externally pressurized expansion joint design in a compact package. Intended primarily for steam supply and condensate return lines, as well as hot and chill water piping, this product is suitable for any small diameter axial expansion application.

Pressure Relief

Pressure Relief/Safety Valve Connectors combine the design principles of the rugged externally pressurized expansion joint with a unique capability to also accommodate lateral and angular movements. Intended to replace devices such as drip pan elbows, this product enables pressure relief and safety relief valve discharge piping to be fully sealed.

Flexible Metal Pump Connectors

Flexible Metal Pump Connectors reduce stresses at piping connections to sensitive rotating equipment such as pumps and compressors. Capable of absorbing thermal growth, piping misalignment, vibration and noise, pump connectors offer extended service life for all rotating equipment.

Non-Metallic Expansion Joints

Non-Metallic Expansion Joints can also be used for similar applications as the Flexible Metal Pump Connector in a non-metallic construction.

Exhaust Flexible Connectors

Exhaust Flexible Connectors are designed for low pressure applications such as stationary and marine gas turbine and diesel engine exhaust and low pressure ducting. Large motion capability, low spring forces and reduced weight make this product ideally suited to thin-wall duct systems.

Pipe Alignment Guides

Pipe Alignment Guides are an essential component of any properly designed piping system that employs expansion joints. These guides permit axial motion, while restricting lateral, angular and bowing movements.