Experts in Expansion Joints for Catofin® Process

Pathway has more experience with Catofin® process than any other expansion joint company. We have worked very closely with the licensor for many years to develop the designs and implement improvements to prolong the life of the expansion joints in this very severe service.

This is the reason that most Catofin® and MTBE plants continue to place their trust in Pathway with expansion joint design and fabrication in this service.


LARGEST Installed Base of Catofin® Style Joints in the World

Beginning in 1986, Senior Flexonics Pathway began designing and fabricating expansion joints for these services. Based on what we’ve learned along the way, these designs have continuously evolved and improved. 32 years later, you can still count on the commitment and expertise of SF Pathway.


1200+ Units Operating today
in more than 15 Plants

The number of units we’ve designed and crafted, as well as the number of plants we know, all contribute to our expertise in Catofin® service.  Plant surveys that we conduct with sites we’ve worked with gives us valuable information on trends and potential issues that we work to solve.


More Catofin® Service Operational Hours than all others combined

As a close partner with the Licensors, we’ve been instrumental in design refinements seen in the latest designs today. From pipe transitions that address thermal stresses, to robust liner attachment design and purging to address coking, SF Pathway has been a leader.