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Catofin Exp. Joints

Senior Flexonics Pathway is the world leader in the design and fabrication of expansion joints for the Catofin® processes and will continue to provide solutions to meet our customer’s needs in this growing industry.

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FCCU Exp. Joints

SF Pathway recognizes the critical nature of expansion joints in FCCU applications. SF Pathway has built a reputation as the industry leader in design, quality and reliability for expansion joints in the most severe service environments.

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Flex Seat Guillotine

SFP Metroflex Dampers’ Flex-Seat Guillotines are designed for isolation of gas flow system components such as; Electro-Static Precipitators, Flue Gas Desulfurization systems, Gas Turbines, Fans, Boilers and other processes.

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Gas Turbine

Senior Flexonics Pathway’s Metroflex Dampers can provide an entire gas turbine exhaust system as a turnkey package, including transition ducts, diverter damper, expansion joints, bypass stack, silencer, and support structure.

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Penetration Seals

The Husky Penseal utilizes exclusive, proprietary thermal protection features which address the two primary sources of heat, heat from the pipe and heat from the exhaust gas, independently.

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Styrene Exp. Joints

Expansion joints are a critical part of the system and without them the plant could not operate. The service
is severe with very high temperatures, extreme flow velocities, and large cyclic movements.

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