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SFP Metal Expansion Joints

Flex-Ledge seal offers Tight Shut Off
with low pressure drop.
Flow Control & Isolation.

SFP Louver Dampers


100% Reliable. 100% Isolation.

SFP Butterfly Dampers


Full Service
Hot and Cold
Including Thermal

SFP On Site

Metal Expansion Joints

Petrochemical Process, Industrial and HVAC applications

Senior Flexonics Pathway produces round and rectangular metal expansion joints in all types of hardware configurations from 2″ pipe size to maximum ship-able dimensions. We are recognized as the lead innovator for high temperature industrial expansion joint applications.

MetroFlex Dampers

Control and isolation of flue gas in a wide variety of applications

The Senior Flexonics Pathway family of damper products include guillotines with a variety of drive modes including the patented Blade Drive Concept, single and double louvers, butterfly dampers, diverter valves for gas turbines and other industrial applications, and poppet valves for bag house internals.

Fabric Expansion Joints

Flue gas and other low pressure ducting applications

Designs for flue gas and other low pressure ducting applications. Expansion joint product design conditions include low temperature corrosive environments to high temperature applications involving gas turbine exhaust and refractory lined ducting for petrochemical and industrial processes.

On-Site Services

Inspection, installation or on site repair

The Pathway team travels the globe providing unique engineering analysis and technical craftsmanship with unmatched knowledge and experience with metal expansion joints, metal bellows, and other field equipment.


  • With the present email we would like to thank you at Pathway for exceeding yourselves in order to complete the clam shell installation on our two expansion joints in a highly professional and timely manner, a task which at first, due to time frame constraints and manpower limitations , seemed  extremely difficult to accomplish . Please forward our appreciation also to your on site specialist.

    Petrochemical Refining
  • During a period as critical as a plant outage, it is extremely important to have the required materials and services in a time sensitive manner in order to prevent extending the time the plant is not producing product. We wish to extend our sincere thanks to you and your service team who worked diligently to get the Expansion joints fabricated that were required during this time.  Their extra effort helped to ensure the successful completion of a very important Plant Turnaround.

    Petrochemical Industry
  • Thank you for your cooperation and support from your Quality / Production teams in making it through the testing of forty-eight dampers in two days. I look forward to working with you again in the future. Your over-all quality is excellent and made my job easy.      

    Petrochemical Industry
  • I would like to express our appreciation to your company and dedicated staff who were instrumental in providing technical support, engineering, and fabrication to reverse engineer and fabricate two expansion joints critical to the operations of our facility. The staff worked over time and even out performed earlier schedule commitments.

    HVAC Industry